Denver Area Gyms Making A Difference

DENVER (November 2, 2017) Carrie Barry and Kirsten S. Barry own/manage The Corner Boxing, 5500 Central Ave #115 in Boulder, where they have dedicated themselves to providing a family environment for young and old alike. Carrie and Kirsten are always looking out for a worthy cause as exemplified by the two pioneering classes focusing on those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (Power Punch for Parkinson’s) one of the many challenges the pair has passionately embraced. Carrie Barry is a highly recognized former standout female amateur boxing champion. The Corner Boxing coaching staff consists of Carrie and Kirsten Barry, Khumiso Lkgopoleng, Chad VanSickle, Tami Dick and Sam Colonna.

Randall Lopez and Laluzy (Luz) Lopez own/manage the La Familia Gym, located inside the YMCA, 950 Lashley St. in Longmont. Randy struggled during his 25 years of coaching in the Longmont area and he is proof that with dedication and drive, good things do happen. Having finally secured his 501©3 tax exempt status has opened a floodgate of opportunities. Luz Lopez’ taking over of the administration duties has enabled Randy to focus more on just coaching, him never fully able to relinquish control. Coach Mark Taylor has been instrumental in helping develop young talent both in the ring and in the classroom. The La Familia boxing program is an integral part of both the amateur boxing and Longmont communities.

Jacob Ramos owns the Genesis Training Center, 6385 W 52nd Ave Suite 3B in Arvada, where amateur boxing coach Danielle Saiz has become a remarkably positive influence. The popularity of Saiz has evolved primarily because of her continued ‘never say die’ attitude that has become infectious throughout the team that was formed in 2016. ‘Coach Danielle’ is a wife, mother and boxing coach who practices what she preaches. Husband Doug Saiz is her biggest supporter along with daughter’s Makayla, Belladonna and son Jaovanni, forming a tight knit family dedicated to boxing.

Glenn Goodson owns/manages A1 Boxing, 700 S Buckley Road in Aurora, where he not only runs the facility but is heavily involved in the Colorado Golden Gloves as well as the USA Boxing Colorado LBC amateur boxing programs as a board member. Goodson is the former head coach of a Women’s Colorado Golden Gloves Team that was dynamic, winning the 2012 Women’s National Golden Gloves Tournament. A1 amateur coaches Lyle Nurse, Paul ‘Chino’ Sanchez, David Mingo and Juan Cecena help make A1 Boxing in Aurora one of the finest amateur boxing programs in the state. The A1 Boxing professional boxing program lies in the capable hands of Chris ‘Da Future’ Green, with several under his wing making waves.

Tim Gonzales and Geneva Chavez are the owners of TLC (Train Like Champions) Gym, 2326 E 46th Ave. (46th & York St.) in the Swansea area of northeast Denver. Former WBC World Youth Champion Donald Camarena, Elijah Uribes and Juaquin Camarena head a strong core of coaches who volunteer their time to help keep area kids off the streets and focused on the positive in a rough neighborhood. Camarena’s successful pro boxing career ended abruptly after suffering a debilitating head injury causing random seizures that are of major concern. Because of that injury Camarena relies solely on disability payments for his financial support but vows to never let that determine his dedication to the area youth. The TLC Gym is a small, ‘old school’ facility located under I-70 and Brighton Blvd. It’s not easy to find but definitely worth the effort.

These 5 gyms are just a few of the many in the Denver metro area providing a positive influence on our kids with boxing as their focus. Find your local gym and support their amateur boxing program, it’s what helps forge minds and keep these kids off the streets. After all, ‘It’s about the kids’, right?

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