Kirstie Simmons vs Kaliesha West In California

DENVER (September 15, 2017) Saturday night, September 23rd, Kaliesha ‘Wild Wild’ West (16-2-3, 4KO’s) battles Kirstie ‘Kris Kros’ Simmons (8-2, 2KO’s) at the Agua Caliente Casino, Rancho Mirage, California, in a scheduled for 6 rounds contest held at a catch weight of 128 pounds. The event is promoted by Matt McGovern (World Fighting Championships).

The South Haven, Michigan, native now residing in Moreno Valley, California, Kaliesha ‘Wild Wild’ West, is a former WBO World bantamweight Champion and International Female Boxers Association World Super bantamweight Champion. Shelved for nearly 18 months while dealing with promotional contract issues from a now defunct company that included boxers Paty Juarez (a stablemate of Simmons) and ‘Mighty’ Melissa McMorrow, West has put that debacle behind and moves on. During that time off, West focused on a budding acting career but rumors speculated she had retired, that all just rumor.

Currently having no signed boxing contract and a free agent, Kaliesha West, at 29 years of age, is looking forward to getting back on track. Her immediate goal is to get back down to the Super bantamweight division after the Simmons bout. West is trained/managed by her father, Juan West, who is planning for Kaliesha to have 2 fights and get back in the rankings with a World Super bantamweight title shot then in place with her third outing.

34 years-old Kirstie ‘Kris Kros’ Simmons is a Detroit, Michigan native, now residing in Aurora, Colorado, who is as a self-described ‘dedicated mom, wife and boxer’. Kirstie is married to husband Jeremy Simmons (12 years) and the two share their home with son Evan Simmons (13) and daughter Sydney Simmons (8). Kirstie trains at A1 Boxing Gym (Glenn Goodson) in Aurora, Colorado, her manager/coach, Chris ‘Da Future’ Green a former Colorado heavyweight boxer. The two have a unique, close relationship validated with Simmons being a bridesmaid at Green’s marriage to now wife Mandy Green, back in 2013.

Kirstie Simmons started boxing a mere 7 years ago as a way of getting back in shape following the birth of daughter, Sydney. She caught the eye of A1 Boxing coach Chris Green who saw a raw talent and eventually asked if she wanted to learn the correct way to box. The two were stand-offish at first but soon clicked, Green appreciating the work ethic of Simmons (first in the gym and last to leave). He was quick to take her under his wing. A natural southpaw, the drive and determination of Kirstie Simmons to be the best didn’t take long, her becoming a 3X’s Colorado State Women’s Golden Gloves Champion, a 3X’s Regional (Colorado/New Mexico) Women’s Golden Gloves Champion, a 2X’s National Women’s Golden Gloves Champion and a PAL runner up, all in a relatively short time, shows just how serious Simmons takes the sport of boxing. Credit coach Green with giving her the nickname ‘Kris Kros’, something he just came up with and it stuck. Kirstie Simmons is strong, determined and cannot be taken lightly.

Holding down a full-time job at NORDSTROM’S as a computer engineer, being a mother and training for that ever elusive ‘perfect boxing opportunity’ can be a chore at times but for Kirstie ‘Kris Kros’ Simmons, it’s all part of the plan, God’s plan. The strong, religious family background of Kirstie Simmons comes from her dad Willie Rowe and mom Caroline Rowe, with 2 brothers, Maurice (“the one who made me tough skinned and bigger than I may seem”) and Alfonzo along with 4 sisters, Selena, Dayna, Candice and Donnie completing the unit. They are a close knit family who offer each other their complete support.

Kirstie Simmons: “I can’t fight without talking to my mom. She’s my rock, my best friend and my blessing who reminds me who I am every time I fight. My dad is strong in every sense of the word and speaks his mind. His birthday is September 23rd and I’m dedicating this fight to him”. The approach to this Kaliesha West fight is the same as every other but this time with a more committed focus from the Simmons Camp, a result of knowing 100% the fight will happen. Kirstie is matter of fact when saying, “I’m bringing it from round one. I won’t lay on the ropes and let West take the initiative. I’ll be the aggressor and dictate the pace of the fight. I’ve had so many fights fall thru for whatever reasons that to finally have this one, on my dad’s birthday against a quality opponent, is an opportunity I will not waste. I’m coming to dominate and win impressively. All the frustrations and setbacks I’ve endured over the last couple years will make for an exciting fight on September 23rd”.

Chris ‘Da Future’ Green: “From what I’ve seen of Kaliesha West, we’ve got to outwork her. I’m of the belief her conditioning is in question after some of the write-ups I saw after her last fight in 2014. We’re picking up the pace immediately, going hard to the body from start to finish. We’re not taking anything away from her in the least, she can fight. She’s a former World Champion who we respect. Keep our hands up, move our head, work the body and make her work hard. We have to counter everything she throws, push the pace, never rest and continue being aggressive. Fatigue will not be an issue with us. The 4th, 5th and 6th rounds will be about who’s better conditioned. We are prepared to go 6 hard, tough, physical rounds and will not be denied”.

Both Kirstie ‘Kris Kros’ Simmons and Kaliesha ‘Wild Wild’ West are coming off layoffs, Simmons only fighting once in 2016, her traveling to New York on June 25th to tangle with Heather Hardy in a hard fought defeat, while West missed all of 2015 and 2016, her last fight on August 15, 2014, a loss to Olivia Gerula in California. Those unfortunate  business issues now a thing of the past, West intends to come back strong but Simmons has plans of her own. Both women are talented boxers with solid amateur backgrounds looking to further their own cause against a very formidable opponent. This should make for an exciting fight come September 23rd at the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage, California.