The Bull And The Matador

DENVER (August 25, 2017) Tomorrow night, August 26, many of you will gather with friends and family to watch the spectacle that will forever change the landscape of combat sports when Floyd Mayweather, Jr. takes on Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a SHOWTIME PPV event. Selling fights ‘by any means necessary’ with wild and extreme controversy is apparently now considered excellent marketing, no matter the aftermath.

Purely dissecting the reality of the event, fighting twelve, three minutes rounds (Boxing) is extremely different than fighting five, five minutes rounds (UFC) and if for no other reason THIS is why you should not remotely consider McGregor as having a snowball’s chance in hell of winning tomorrow night. Conor McGregor won’t be allowed to do anything associated with what has made him an MMA phenom. No grappling, no roundhouse kicks to the face, no elbows, and referee Robert Byrd (carefully selected by the Mayweather camp) has the task of making sure none of these are inadvertently employed against boxer Mayweather, Jr. With the use of 8 ounces gloves unbelievably approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, McGregor feels he’s found a way to land shots against arguably the best defensive boxer of his era and finding those openings will be nearly impossible, leading to McGregor becoming frustrated, agitated, and eventually destroying the determination and will of the UFC star. UFC tactics employ an arsenal of weapons used to breakdown an opponent with ground tactics invaluable. Only precise punches can determine this outcome tomorrow night, that huge advantage leaning in Mayweather’s favor. For McGregor being 29 years of age is his only clear advantage in this fight, all of his UFC skills negated.

Mayweather has only to avoid any type of wild, lucky punch coming from McGregor that could floor him and send the crowd into a frenzy. He’s avoided such a scenario for his entire boxing career and tomorrow night he will attempt to continue that streak with piston like jabs slowing down the surely aggressive McGregor until that fire is extinguished. Floyd will then taunt and humiliate the UFC star. Mayweather has only one thing to avoid, that is every boxer’s nightmare of becoming old in the ring right in front of us. He’s 40 years-old and eventually every fighter must deal with that reality of age but his defensive skillset should prevail.

Having said all of this, the easiest parallel is that of the Bull and the Matador, where the bull is determined to take down his nemesis while the matador is precise in his plan of using the bull’s obvious size and strength advantages against him. In the end, the bull falls but every now and then he does succeed in landing his own devastating gore that brings down the matador and THIS is what most of you UFC fans are hoping to see happen tomorrow night. Mayweather easily wins this fight.

The vile antics of deploying race, sexism and homophobia by both Mayweather and McGregor has been poo-pooed by some as ‘making the event more entertaining’ when in fact it has done both sports (Boxing and MMA) a major injustice. Although this has become a very common theme in big fights, the promoter attempting to hide such hate and prejudice veiled as entertainment, is pure nonsense. In the name of entertainment, this attempt to normalize what should be frowned upon as disgusting and polarizing should make you strongly consider before ordering/watching this spectacle.

I sincerely  hope I’m wrong but the distinct possibility of fights breaking out at the T-Mobile Arena, bars and even homes taking place across the country is far from remote with racial undertones the culprit. I won’t buy, watch, or be concerned with the outcome of this fight tomorrow night but WILL be concerned with what transpires afterwards. While McGregor and Mayweather may embrace and smile afterwards (all the way to the bank) and say their comments were nothing more than selling the fight, our country will again be proven to be divided along racial lines and THAT is shameful. Mayweather has proven time and time again his disdain for women but the majority of women unbelievably continue supporting him under that same ‘he’s entertaining umbrella.

Miguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai will be entertaining

Have we, as a society, really dropped this low in our quest for entertainment? Apparently so but for me, I’ll be tuning in to HBO where Miguel Cotto and Yoshihiro Kamegai engage in what will be a far less polarizing event with boxing profiled, not hatred and bigotry.

There, I’ve just saved you $99.95 and You’re Welcome.