The Heat Was On At Spontaneous Combustion

DENVER (February 12, 2018) This past Saturday night, Inside Boxing Promotions (Aurelio Martinez) displayed ‘Spontaneous Combustion’, where a series of young and talented Colorado boxers were put to the test in front of a standing room only crowd at the Imperium Events Center, 3051 W 74th Ave. in Westminster. The Inside Boxing Promotions staff (Matt Casias and Rick Sandoval) did an excellent job of organizing what turned out to be an exciting, crowd pleasing event.

For those unaccustomed to Colorado weather, the first bout starting at 7:30PM with doors opening at 6PM and it only 15 degrees outside, was maybe startling. The coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea sales were booming at the concessions stand but the cold outside wouldn’t be a bother for long, the fights inside hot and heavy from start to finish.

The Colorado Combative Sports Commission was represented by Ringside Physician: Dr. Hector Brigoni; Chief Inspector: Rob Mullings; Referees: Tom Johnson and (birthday boy) Stephen Blea; Judges: Carmen Beall, Ed Kugler and Tyrone Short; Inspectors: Hale Hilsabeck and Saul Larsen and Timekeeper: Shel Gottshall. The always entertaining Ring Announcer (not affiliated with CCSC) was Miguel ‘Chili’ Macliz.

The extremely frigid night didn’t allow justice to the delicious food catered by ‘North of the Border Grill’ (Frankie Sanchez) but the bellies of those venturing outside to stand in line were warmed. Frankie deserved better, his array of Mexican food offerings are second to none.

Fight Results:
BOUT 1: (147 lbs.) Sergio Lopez stops Edison Charley, TKO3
BOUT 2: (160 lbs.) Josmar F. Salgado by unanimous decision over Ernest Hunt
BOUT 3: (140 lbs.) Donaldo Holguin stops Greg Gallegos, TKO1
BOUT 4: (140 lbs.) Jesus Vasquez, Jr. via unanimous decision over Eberado Lopez
BOUT 5: (154 lbs.) Efrain Morales stops Corey Bernard, TKO4
BOUT 6: (135 lbs.) Misael Lopez over Luis G Avila by unanimous decision

The evening began with a USBL (United States Boxing League, Aurelio Martinez) Semi-Pro Qualifier at 147 lbs., where Sergio Lopez was finally able to stop (round 3) a determined Edison Charley. Lopez was in charge throughout the contest, it just a matter of time before he’d end the match but Charley was no easy out. In the second USBL Semi-Pro Qualifier at 160 lbs., Josmar F. Salgado got the questionable nod via unanimous decision over an understandably upset Ernest Hunt. This contest was an exciting matchup with at worst (in my humble opinion) the bout being declared a draw.

The professional portion for the card began with Donaldo Holguin (2-0, 1KO) traveling in from Riverton, Wyoming, taking on the overmatched Gallegos (0-3). The bout ended early in round 1, Gallegos a nice, respectful, young man who needs to find another profession.

Making his professional debut, Jesus Vasquez, Jr. (1-0), the highly decorated Colorado amateur who took nearly 2 years off from boxing to become a father, had one tough nut to crack in a game Eberado Lopez (0-1) coming in from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vasquez showed early signs of rust but his skillset remains obvious as he outboxed Lopez, who was making his own professional debut. Big things ahead for Jesus Vasquez, Jr.

Efrain Morales (6-0, 3KO’s) flew in from Kansas City, Missouri, and shocked Colorado Springs’ Corey Bernard (2-3), the fight ending in round 4 after a barrage of punches forced Bernard taking a knee. Making it to his feet was all an exhausted Bernard could do, the fight correctly stopped. Morales was impressive, Bernard no easy out. Looking forward to seeing more of Efrain Morlaes as he climbs the light middleweight ranks. Corey Bernard and Coach Carlos Ibarra will get back in the gym and come back strong, correcting their mistakes.


The highly anticipated main event, featuring Misael ‘IT’S MISA TIME’ Lopez (8-0 4KO’s) was everything expected, Lopez displaying all of his talents against a tough and determined Luis G. Avila (5-11-3, 1KO) from Nogales, Senora, Mexico. Lopez got the win via unanimous decision but it was not easy. Avila is one tough cookie, him taking everything Lopez had to offer as he tried his best to quiet the hometown fans and not become a knockout victim. Avila is strong and would sometimes back Lopez up. The learning experience Saturday night was one Lopez needed badly there being nothing ahead considered an easy opponent as he makes his way to the plan for a 2018 title fight somewhere from 126-130 lbs. Misael periodically abandoned his trademark body work and instead focused his attentions on looking for the knockout, something that will be addressed by his coaches in the gym following a few days off to celebrate.

Excellent fights on a freezing and cold evening. That’s Colorado boxing at its’ best, as Inside Boxing Promotions provided fight fans more than their money’s worth this past Saturday night.